9/24/06 - Brakes, Brakes, Brakes...

Much of the major work is done on the braking system.  The pedal and master cylinders are in place along with the hard lines to both the front and the rear.  Since this is an important part of the car, much care was taken in selecting various components and their implementation.  This is an area where you do not want to skimp, and you do want to make sure to do things the "right way".

The pedal and master cylinders are both from Wilwood.  The pedal is a standard 6:1 ratio floor mount unit for dual master cylinders.  At first I considered making this unit from scratch, but when checking on the costs of the individual components, it just made more sense to buy the unit.  For master cylinder sizing, I used a brake math spreadsheet found on the SCCA D-Mod Yahoo group.  It requires a fair amount of input parameters in order to spit out the answer, but I am hoping that the time and effort spent inputting the info as accurately possible will pay off with a fairly well balanced braking system right off the bat.  In the end, I ended up selecting a 7/8" unit up front and a 3/4" unit for the rear.

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The hard lines are just standard steel 3/16" tubing with the necessary bits installed where needed.  Both the front and rear circuits have a 2 lb residual pressure valve installed, and the rear circuit also has the brake light switch installed.  My only wish is that there are no leaks when the system gets fluid in it for the first time.

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Since I plan on using the stock calipers for the rear of the car, I made an effort to integrate as much of the original brake circuit in the rear.  I found an adapter that went into the factory distribution block for the rear axle and had a -AN fitting on the other end.  A short stainless flex line was sourced to connect this to the hard line on the chassis.  The factory lines are used on the axle all the way out to the calipers.

DSCN2269.JPG (259992 bytes)  DSCN2270.JPG (262025 bytes)

12/31/06 - Front Calipers

I decided to go with Wilwood forged dynalite calipers for the front of the car.  They are pretty popular and the brake pads are pretty cheap for them in racing compounds.  The real challenge here was making the brackets.  When I was figuring out the design, I figured that it could be potentially complicated.  But by pure luck, the mounting points on the Mustang II spindles worked in my favor.  Basically, a simple 1/4" thick plate, a threaded boss, and a spacer were all that were required to be made.  I was pretty happy that things went smoother than planned here.

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1/14/07 - Front Brake Lines

Some were probably wondering about my odd placement of the hard line terminations for the front brakes...there was a method to my madness.  A pet peeve that I have, although it is probably harmless, is seeing long flexible brake lines just hanging out in the air unconstrained.  To me they look kind of vulnerable for something to snag them.  I made some "C" channels to run the lines along the lower control arm that some ties could be used on to hold the lines in place.  There is enough slack on each end for easy movement and no fouling on the suspension components.

DSCN2457.JPG (309407 bytes)  DSCN2458.JPG (284597 bytes)