Rear Suspension

Here are a couple shots of the rear.  It is from a first generation RX7.  Disk brake posi with 3.90 gears.

LC RX7 Rear1.jpg (80238 bytes)  LC RX7 Rear2.jpg (84163 bytes)

Next is the rear 4-link setup.  The brackets are drilled for adjustability.  The shock will share the same bolt as the upper link.  The dummy shock is at static ride height.  The mumford linkage will be next.

LC 4-Link 1.jpg (76916 bytes)  LC 4-Link 2.jpg (76032 bytes)

Here is the mumford linkage installed.  The bellcranks are made using 1/8" sheet and should be fairly strong.  1/2" rod end are used.  I also added another "crossmember" for the linkage to mount to along with some additional braces going to the rear.  Just a few more things to finish up on the rear and I will be time to move to the front for a major redo.  There is a diagram of the center part of the linkage if anyone is interested in this particular design.

DSCN0179.JPG (351774 bytes)  DSCN0184.JPG (278274 bytes)  DSCN0182.JPG (301421 bytes)  Mumford Link Diagram.jpg (51141 bytes)

7/29/06 - Now that all the fabrication is done, and the chassis is painted, it is time to start putting things together...hopefully for good.  The rear suspension is now back together.  The axle and all the linkages have been freshened up to make everything a little more presentable.

DSCN2227.JPG (294446 bytes)  DSCN2225.JPG (287612 bytes)  DSCN2229.JPG (291049 bytes)