Here are some pictures of the steering column.  The components used are standard stock car parts.  The part that attaches to the dash framework, is an oversized bore rod end.  The mount allows for a small amount of adjustment left/right and up and down to suit the driver.  The bearing at the "firewall" is a bulkhead style.  It helps to seal the steering shaft exit hole from the engine compartment.  Of note is the quick release for the steering wheel.  It is a unit from Summit Racing (their brand) and features a splined shaft.  This particular quick release has about the least amount of slop of any I have found and it is one of the cheapest.  Go figure... 

DSCN2015.JPG (298036 bytes)  DSCN2012.JPG (292150 bytes)  DSCN2014.JPG (294774 bytes)

The steering rack is one that is typically found in some stock cars.  This particular unit is from Coleman Racing and is roughly 2 turns lock to lock.  The mounting setup that I used is fairly simple, light and strong.  I made some bosses that the three bolts pass through to hold the rack in place.  They also serve as spacers to get the rack in the right position.  Additional shims may be added to fine tune bump steer in the future.  I then tied everything together with 1/2" square tubing that ties the three mounting points together and attaches to the chassis in three places also.

DSCN2019.JPG (287752 bytes)  DSCN2021.JPG (288304 bytes)  DSCN2020.JPG (278275 bytes)  DSCN2025.JPG (295140 bytes)

5/21/06 - Steering Shaft and Gauge Pod Mount

After not being completely happy with my fist design for the upper steering column mount, I decided to change it a bit.  The problem was that I was getting a little more flex in the steering shaft that I liked.  A hoop was made to jut out from the dash.  A nylon bushing was mounted on the hoop to support the steering shaft.  With the bushing being much closer to the steering shaft, it has almost zero flex in it now.  The hoop will also serve as a place to mount my R1 gauges in a good spot for viewing.

DSCN2121.JPG (270297 bytes)  DSCN2120.JPG (286780 bytes)

11/8/06 - Telescoping Steering Shaft

A section of telescoping steering shaft was added in front of the firewall.  It adds a little bit of weight compared to the 3/4" tubing, but having the section in there makes me feel better about what would happen in a heavy frontal crash.

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