Locost Videos

Locost First Start

Locost First Run Up

Locost First Drive

Autocross Test and Tune 3/07

First Autocross  Verona, VA 3/07  (FTD)

First Day at the Track  VIR Full 3/07

THSCC Time Trial  VIR North 4/07

VIR South External Video  5/07  Thanks Stefan!

Summit Point Track Day  6/07

777 Autocross Runs  7/07

GRM Ultimate Track Car Challenge  7/07

CMP Time Trial  8/07

VIR Full Course  9/07

Rockingham Time Trial  10/07

VIR Full Course Time Trial  5/08

CRX In-Car Videos

Rockingham Time Trial

VIR South Course Time Trial

Lap of VIR Grand East Course  3/06

VIR North TT (THSCC)  4/06


RC Airplane Videos

Reflection Biplane

Sidekick Demo

Edge 540

Todd's Cub

RC Rock Crawling Vidoes

Lil Moab 1  9/07 (Mine is the Red Bull truck)

Lil Moab 2  10/07

GC-1 Wheely King