Wheels & Tires

Just a tease for now.  The tire setup that I plan to try out first are 20.0x7x13 fronts and 22.0x9x13 rears.  Wheels will be 13x7 up front and 13x8 or 9 in the rear.

DSCN2028.JPG (298083 bytes)

1/14/07 - First set of wheels

I did not want to invest into an expensive set of wheels at first until I make sure that the tire combination I try first is going to be right for the car.  Most cars that I see use the same tire front and rear, but I am going with a slightly wider tire in the rear than in the front.  The main reason for doing this is that I am going to have more weight in the rear due to the BEC configuration.  Also the rear wheels are driven and will take more abuse.  Finally, I figure a little less tire up front will help out with the already challenged aero of the car. 

So, I bought a set of Diamond Racing steel wheels for the first set.  13x6 in the front and 13x7 in the rear.  I have also decided to run treaded DOT R compound tires instead of the slicks at first.  These will be slower, and should make it easier to find any gross handling problems without the higher speeds.  During its development, the car will likely have many wheel and tire combos.

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